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Aug. 1955 Dongyang Light Metal Co., Ltd. was established
May. 1959 Daehan Domul Industrial Co., Ltd. was established
(President: Mr.Tak Si-keun)
Nov. 1960 Changed company name to Hanil Industrial Co., Ltd
May. 1961 Completed factory at Gaebong-dong, and manufacturing facilities for Gillette razors were installed
Oct. 1961 Start up full- production of carbon safety razor blades
Mar. 1968 Developed stainless safety razor blades.
Mar. 1973 Launched hair cutters
Mar. 1977 Mr. Tak received Stone Tower Industrial Award
Mar. 1977 Contracted with Wilkinson, a British razor manufacturer on the introduction of technology for the twin blade razors and blades.
Nov. 1979 Was selected as a Quality-Product Manufacturer by the Industrial Advancement Administration
Jun. 1981 Awarded by the Minister of Labor for contribution to employee welfare
Jun. 1981 Introduced Single-bladed disposable razors
Nov. 1985 Won Gold Medal at the Contest for standardization of plant quality (by the Minister of Commerce and Industry)
Jan. 1990 Company name changed to Dorco Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1991 Was selected as an Excellent Brand of The Year with a Grand Prize as a Outstanding Exporter by the Korean Industrial Property Office
Nov. 1992 Received presidential award for quality control
Nov. 1992 Received Tower of 10 Million Dollars Export Award on the 29th Trade Day
May. 1993 Acquired a KS (Korea Standard) mark on a plant management for Chef¡¯s knife
Aug. 1993 Inaugurated division of quality management
Nov. 1993 Acquired the KS Mark on the complete range of razor products from the Industrial Advancement Administration
Mar. 1995 DORUSA, the US local affiliate, was established
Sep. 1995 Acquired ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9002 Quality System Certificate
Mar. 1997 Dorco Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded
Nov. 1997 Received Tower of 10 Million Dollars Export Award
Mar. 1998 Mr. Hong Ju-shik, the new President was inaugurated
Nov. 1998 Acquired the NT mark from the Small and Medium Business Administration for a chrome coating technology of super thin film for razor blades
Jan. 1999 Launched TG razors
Jun. 1999 TG razor was selected as HIT item during the first half of 1999 (Sports Chosun Daily)
Dec. 1999 Start up full production of TG gold model razors (TGC5500)
Dec. 2000 Won the First Prize Brand Power (Razor) from the KBPI
May. 2001 Launched WIN3 triple blade with ergonomic design
Nov. 2001 Received the Presidential Group Prize on New technology Practice
Feb. 2002 Won the First Prize brand power (Razor) from the KBPI
Oct. 2002 Merged Dorco Industry Ltd.
Feb. 2003 Won the First Prize brand power (Razor) from the KBPI
Feb. 2004 Launched XPEC3 triple system razor that minimizes skin irritations
Feb. 2004 Won the First Prize brand power (Razor) from the KBPI
Jul. 2004 Won GD (Good Design) mark on IRIS Classic kitchen knife.
Sep. 2004 Won GD mark on IRIS Essay Nan kitchen and fruit knife
  Won GD mark on Z1,Z2 stationer cutter.
Jan. 2005 Opened Dorco USA, INC., The US local distribution
  Changed to Dorco America, INC.
  Changed to Dorco Mexico S.A.
  Build Dorco Mexico S.A. manufacturing plant.
May. 2005 Launched Shai, system razor for women, with extra comfort for sensitive skin.


Ju Shik Hong
President & CEO

CEO Message

On behalf of all the staff at Dorco, I would like to thank all of our consumers and partners for your great support.

Since our beginning in 1955 through innovation and R&D, we have consistently tried to produce the "World's Best Edge". Our goal is to provide the consumers with the ultimate shave satisfaction.

DORCO now enjoys the reputation around the world for having the most comfortable shaving blade and we could not have achieved those heights without your support which is deeply appreciated. Our technical research and development areas transcend shaving to the highest quality.


To get ready for the rapidly changing business environment and new global standards of the 21st century, we will be ready with quality products and service for maximum consumer satisfaction. To accomplish this task we will challenge the creativity and expertise of each individual staff member.

Thank you.

About DORCO America

We are pleased to introduce you to our company DORCO CO., Inc. One of the world's most recognized manufacturer of disposable shavers and related products in the world. Because of DORCO's high standards and superior manufacturing know-how in the field of "soft shaving" technology, we initiated an American corporation in the San Diego-Tijuana area in February of 1995.

DORCO's main factory is located in the El Florido Industrial Park area in Tijuana, México. It has successfully applied one of the most progressive production management programs in the maquiladora system.

Our main products are fixed twin blade disposable shavers. Our 2006 projection is to produce 200 million shavers. We expect to increase this projection 30% annually through expansion of our current facility investments.

We offer three models of razors: the fixed twin blade, the twin blade with lub strip and the long handle type with lub strip, however, we will diversify in the future in order to respond to a wider range of our customers' needs.

Because of the high standards and quality of our product, we will be the best company in shaving for everyone across the entire American Continent.

Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We also enjoy a family-like work environment, and the production of the world's finest disposable shaver.

Thank you for your interest in DORCO.

Business Field: Razors

Based on high technology, we produce many types of disposable razors, both for men and women. Due to the continuous efforts on quality improvement, DORCO razors give you a closer and irritation- free shaves. Our advanced technology has made our customers life easier everyday.
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